Goodin Reid & Co

Chartered Accountants


We can offer the following services to the individual:

Personal Tax Advice

Advice on all aspects of tax as it affects the individual.

Tax Planning

Advice on how to arrange transactions in the most tax beneficial manner.


All aspects of tax work for individuals, including preparing computations, dealing with HM Revenue & Customs and advising on taxation.

Personal Tax Returns

The preparation and submission of individual tax returns.


Advice to employees on the tax on income earned from their employment.

PAYE Advice

Assistance with the Pay As You Earn system of tax collection.

National Insurance Advice

Advice to employees on the effect of national insurance contributions on salary and benefits.

Personal Capital Gains

The taxation of gains made by selling investments and other 'capital' assets; and the tax that may fall due when assets are gifted by the owner to someone else.

Estate And Inheritance

Tax arising on the transfer of asset, either by death or by gift.

Property Taxation

The impact of taxation on transactions relating to buildings and land.